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Healing Plants for the body and soul..

Learn about healing plants in your local area. Healing plant guides are specific to geographic regions to help you identify healing plants in your area.

View pictures and information on habitat, what plant parts to use, when to harvest and how to dry and store the wild herbs. Every plant has its own unique properties that make it useful medicine. Find out about the chemical constituents found in healing plants, herbal properties, medicinal uses, dosages.

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Favorite Healing Plants

  Hawthorn for the Heart
  Dandelion healing properties

What's in the Western Healing Plant Guide

About the Healing Plants
  • Distinguishing plant features
  • Healing plant habitats
  • Preparing and utilizing each plant for medicinal purposes
Medicinal Plant Applications
  • Parts of plants used for medicinal purposes
  • When to harvest each plant
  • Drying and storing the herbs (conservations)
  • Chemical Constituents of western healing plants
  • Herbal Properties of Plants Described
  • Uses of these western healing plants
  • Dosages to give for internal medicines

Kahlee Keane - About the Author..

Kahlee Keane, The Root Woman is an educator and eco-herbalist. Her books, courses and medicine walks stress the sustainable use of medicinal plants while teaching others to make and use the wild plant medicines that are their birthright. Kahlee writes for several newspapers and magazines in North America.


More Medicinal Plant Healing Guides arriving shortly..

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